BERLIN: Less than a fifth of Germans access media content like radio and broadcast material via their mobile phone, although younger demographics are more enthusiastic about such activities.

Research firm TNS Emnid surveyed 1,300 people in the country to gain an insight regarding evolving habits concerning wireless devices.

In all, 18% of respondents used a mobile phone to engage with different forms of media, an improvement from 12% year on year.

More specifically, 41% of contributors under 30 years old had participated in this pastime, in keeping with general trends for younger audience to embrace emerging technologies.

Listening to the radio constitutes the most popular pursuit, logging 12.3%, a 64% lift on an annual basis, and hitting 41% where interviewees were not yet 30 years of age.

However, mobile TV has failed to achieve significant traction, having attained a penetration of just 1.5% thus far.

Similarly, fewer than 2% of the panel owned a tablet like Apple's iPad, reaching 3.8% of 14-29 year olds.

Over 35% of 20-29 year olds expressed interest in location-based services, measured against a score of 22.4% among 14-19 year olds.

For the latter segment, the price of smartphones and data plans is one of the major obstacles in this area, the study reported.

While younger shoppers were most keen on using geo-location tools on a handset, their older counterparts tended to favour car radio as the medium of choice.

Across the entire sample, around 40% of those polled agreed the relevance of regional media, goods and services was important.

Data sourced from TNS Emnid; additional content by Warc staff