MUMBAI: Many Indian consumers are keen to use mobile data services, but telecoms brands will have to identify the right price points to attract customers.

The Indian government auctioned the 3G spectrum last year, and a range of next-generation services, like video streaming and watching films, are expected witness an uptick in interest as a result.

To gain an insight into shopper perceptions in this area, research firm IMRB interviewed 10,000 people, owning either a feature phone or more advanced device

Just 9% of contributors possessed an appliance boasting 3G functionality, but 82% expressed a willingness to acquire one should the price allow.

More specifically, the sample placed the appropriate cost for such gadgets between 4,200 rupees and a maximum of 6,400 rupees.

"This is in line with the fact that Indian handset manufacturers have already started offering 3G enabled handsets at 'middle class affordable' prices," the study said.

Elsewhere, 32% of those polled were familiar with value-added services which can be accessed through third-generation mobile phones.

Video calling secured the highest association level on this measure, posting 93%, while the lowest-scoring category was adult content, receiving 2%.

Among the segments projected to perform particularly well in the future are "utilitarian" tools including maps, casual gaming and "infotainment".

But the main reason encouraging customers to trade up is improving the quality of voice calls, rather than interactive options.

Data sourced from WPP Group; additional content by Warc staff