BERLIN: Many young consumers in Germany hold mixed views concerning the appeal and potential benefits of mobile advertising, a report has argued.

E-Commerce-Center Handel, the research company, surveyed 1,851 adults in the 20-29 year old demographic, a group it argued could be defined as "digital natives", and found that 58% recalled viewing a mobile ad at least once during the last three months.

In response, 46.1% took a neutral position on mobile marketing, with just 3.3% either "positive" or "very positive" about the ads.

Around 70% of the panel were unwilling to receive such communications while shopping in stores, 14.7% came out broadly in support, and 14% favoured exposure to highly selective messages.

The ability to opt-in or opt-out of these schemes was valued by 92.9% of the sample.

When assessing different formats, 75% of those polled stated that "two for the price of one" coupons would offer advantages, and 26% agreed such deals may heighten purchase intent.

"The results show that, so far, there is a clear rejection of mobile advertising," said Aline Eckstein, a project director at E-Commerce-Center Handel.

Data sourced from E-Commerce-Center Handel; additional content by Warc staff