Paid-for content on mobile phones is worth far more in Europe than that on PCs, according to new research from Jupiter MMXI.

Last year, Europeans paid out E590 million on content via their phones, but just E252m through their PCs. This gap is set to continue, Jupiter predicts, with forecast 2006 expenditure via mobile phones standing at E3.3 billion compared with E1.7bn through PCs.

Central to the findings is a continued reluctance to pay for content on a PC – 47% of Europeans said they would not consider doing so. The internet, says Jupiter, looks set to remain a largely free medium, with the exception of entertainment content and porn.

Mobile phones, in contrast, offer much better prospects, with consumers willing to pay for ring-tones, logos, sports scores, share prices and so on.

“Newspapers and magazines struggling to generate direct consumer revenues from their websites have more opportunity to charge for content on mobile phones,” commented the report’s author Olivier Beauvillain. “They should use their web presence as a way to promote mobile content with which they will be able to generate more revenues.”

News source: Daily Research News Online