The recent UK tabloid price war seems only temporarily to have helped The Mirror, the newspaper that sparked off the battle by cutting its cover price to 20p ($0.31; €0.31).

Sales of the paper hit 2.12 million in June, down 0.57% from the previous month, after it put its price back up to 32p everywhere except London [WAMN: 07-Jun-02].

However, sales of leading daily tabloid The Sun, which has maintained the 20p price it introduced in response to The Mirror’s manoeuvre, rose 1.9% to 3.52m.

But price is not the only consideration – sales of the Daily Star, which costs just 10p, dropped 1.04% to 0.67m.

There were also sales declines for all the broadsheet newspapers, while mid-market titles the Daily Mail and the Daily Express rose 0.28% (to 2.41m) and 0.25% (to 0.94m) respectively.

Data sourced from: BrandRepublic (UK); additional content by WARC staff