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Mirror Cracks In UK Price War Aftermath

News, 17 July 2002

The recent UK tabloid price war seems only temporarily to have helped The Mirror, the newspaper that sparked off the battle by cutting its cover price to 20p ($0.31; €0.31).

Sales of the paper hit 2.12 million in June, down 0.57% from the previous month, after it put its price back up to 32p everywhere except London [WAMN: 07-Jun-02].

However, sales of leading daily tabloid The Sun, which has maintained the 20p price it introduced in response to The Mirror’s manoeuvre, rose 1.9% to 3.52m.

But price is not the only consideration – sales of the Daily Star, which costs just 10p, dropped 1.04% to 0.67m.

There were also sales declines for all the broadsheet newspapers, while mid-market titles the Daily Mail and the Daily Express rose 0.28% (to 2.41m) and 0.25% (to 0.94m) respectively.

Data sourced from: BrandRepublic (UK); additional content by WARC staff