Warc's users in the Middle East and Africa took an international outlook in 2013 when searching for articles about emerging trends and best practice, revealing how global insights have taken precedence in the region.

With not a single region-specific item featuring in the top 10 most-read articles of the year, subscribers instead turned their attention to the global themes of industry challenges, social media trends and the role of neuroscience in marketing.

Echoing interest elsewhere, the Warc Trends Toolkit 2013 proved popular and was the region's most-read article – it provided advice about how to meet the ten main marketing challenges of the year, such as how to win over disaffected consumers and when to personalise communications.

Coming in second, the Seriously Social Warc Trends Report sought to address the key issues facing social media marketers and explored effectiveness trends across about 800 recent case studies.

How to apply neuroscience insights into marketing campaigns was the subject of the third most popular article, which provided a brief overview of the underlying science and then looked at the main tools being deployed.

In fourth place came analysis of entries to the Cannes Creative Effectiveness Lions awards – at least three Lebanese public awareness campaigns were judged at the event.

Warc's Innovation Casebook rounded out the top five articles and provided examples of brands that have found innovative solutions to communications, according to a study of cases from the Warc Prize for Innovation.

Data sourced from Warc