Software titan Microsoft will today unveil a $200 million TV campaign, Software Agility, in an attempt to reposition the company around enterprise software.

The group has suffered from a fall in sales of its most profitable product, Office. To compensate for the decline, Microsoft hopes to boost its share of the enterprise market and expand in areas such as internet software, mobile phone operating systems and games consoles.

Its enterprise software packages, including SQL Server and Exchange Server (the operating system behind the Outlook Express email program), currently comprise about 20% of Microsoft’s revenue, although president and chief executive Steve Ballmer has admitted this puts it at only fourth in the enterprise market.

He explained that the new ad campaign, devised by McCann-Erickson Worldwide, has three goals: “The first is to reinforce the image of Microsoft as a company in the enterprise market, rather than just on the desk top. The second is that it is software rather than hardware that is important in the enterprise market. You won't hear that from our friends at IBM and Sun. Finally, that we can deliver not only reliability and scalability, but also help our customers become more agile.”

News source: Financial Times