Global software giant Microsoft has bowed to pressure from the European Union court over alleged competition violations.

The company will not appeal against sanctions, ratified by the court in December, which forced it to produce a stripped-down version of its Windows program at the same time levying a record €497 million ($650m, £350m) fine.

Microsoft says a version of Windows without a pre-installed music player and video software is now ready for distribution, leaving the door open for rival products, RealNetworks' RealPlayer and Apple's QuickTime.

But Microsoft is keen to stress it has not surrendered unconditionally to the EU lawmakers and will continue to fight the ruling later in the year.

A statement says: "We remain very optimistic as we move forward in this process and are encouraged that the December court order noted that a number of Microsoft's arguments could provide a basis for overturning the EU's decision."

Data sourced from; additional content by WARC staff