NEW YORK: The famed Energizer-promoting bunny is fixed firmly in the crosswise of rival battery-brand Rayovac, which has recruited a hired gun in the person of the Walt Disney Company's Mickey Mouse.

The deal - value unspecified - was negotiated by Mouse House subsidiary Disney/ABC Unlimited, which peddles 130 Disney-owned properties to would-be advertisers.

As part of the deal Disney will buy packs of Rayovac batteries by the million for touting to the hordes visiting the former's six US theme and water parks. They will also be on sale at major retail chains such as Wal-Mart and Target.

Moreover, there'll be advertising for Rayovac in Disney magazines and on Disney TV networks; promotions and sweepstakes; and a sponsorship by Rayovac of the upcoming February DVD release of the Disney movie Enchanted.

Energizer, however, is determined not to be outgunned. Tugging the brim of its Stetson over its right eyebrow, a battery-maker's gotta do what a battery-maker's gotta do.

Which is to recruit a whole host of additional hired guns in the shape of characters from DreamWorks Animation's movie Shrek the 3rd.

But Rayovac president/coo David Lumley is in yee-ha mode. The Disney alliance, he says, has created "a chance to go to retailers we don't sell to, who think two batteries is OK" - a reference to outlets that stock only Energizer and Procter & Gamble's Duracell.

"We're big at Wal-Mart and we're growing at Target," Lumley says. "Now we can go back and talk to Kmart and Sears and dollar stores."

Data sourced from International Herald-Tribune; additional content by WARC staff