Metro International Group, the Stockholm-headquartered international freesheet publisher, has clinched a global advertising mega-deal with European charity lottery organizer, Novamedia.

In the year ahead, Novamedia will run an agreed number of full color ads in editions of Metro-branded daily newspapers across fifteen international markets. These will tout new and extant national lotteries in the Netherlands (two lotteries), Sweden (also two) and Canada. Some ads will also promote Novamedia’s worldwide online lottery game

Boasts Metro president/ceo Pelle Tornberg: “[The deal] underscores Metro's success in creating a global newspaper force capable of handling highly-focused international advertising campaigns.” But despite the hype neither party was prepared to hang anything as indelicate as a price tag on the deal.

Novamedia ceo Boudewijn Poelmann instead focused on the quality of Metro’s readership mix, hailing it as “precisely the audience that we want to reach around the world for both our traditional and Internet-based charity lotteries - it combines a high proportion of young people who use the internet regularly, as well as the traditional newspaper readership”.

Novamedia, whose corporate revenues increased by 10% in 2001 to over $700 million, has an ambition which many take seriously: to become the world's largest charity lotteries’ player. Of its 2001 revenues, around 45% was distributed to national and international charities, among them Amnesty International, Greenpeace, UNICEF and the World Wildlife Fund.

Metro is published in 21 editions across fifteen countries: and in thirteen languages. It is distributed in Athens, Barcelona, Boston (Mass), Buenos Aires, Copenhagen, Helsinki, Hungary, Madrid, Malmo, Milan, Montreal, the Netherlands, Philadelphia, Prague, Rome, Santiago, Stockholm, Toronto, Warsaw and Zurich.

News source: AdAge Global