FRANKFURT: A majority of consumers in Germany do not trust newspapers or commercially-funded television broadcasters.

GPRA, the public relations trade body, partnered with TNS, the research firm, to survey 1,000 German adults to establish their views about various different industries.

Overall, 65% of participants said public broadcasters in the country had strong credentials in this area, falling to 41% for their rivals who relied on advertising.

Newspapers recorded a score of just 39%, indicating the broad challenges that traditional media channels face in retaining the confidence of their audience.

Regarding product categories, automakers enjoyed the highest level of support, on 44.4%, coming in ahead of manufacturers in the food sector.

Elsewhere, financial services brands posted the lowest figure on this measure, on just 33.7%, as the recession impacted popular perceptions of their activities.

Data sourced from GPRA; additional content by Warc staff