This year, media owners subscribing to Warc were studying past trends for advice on how to approach the future, according to the statistics for the most downloaded articles among this group in the last 12 months.

The most popular choice was WFA Global Media Trends 2008, which identified that more women than men had started using the internet in most countries, and found that the average age of the online audience was increasing, as was the use of the mobile web.

Ofcom's research in the same field was the third most downloaded article. It showed that despite the increased take-up of digital and pay-TV platforms, as well as DVR systems, viewers now watched less television, while 70% of people consumed broadcast content and surfed the web simultaneously.

An analysis of Warc's European Advertising & Media Forecast was in second place, while the WFA Global Advertising and Economic Data, which reviewed the past two years of world advertising expenditure and looked to the prospects for 2009, took fourth.

Data sourced from Warc