LONDON: Many UK consumers are interested in a "multiscreen experience" that allows them to easily watch content via a range of channels, a study has revealed.

Video distributor Quickplay Media and research firm Zoomberg surveyed British mobile subscribers in the 18-44 year old demographic, finding 58% want to view TV shows and movies using one device, then "seamlessly switch" to watch on their smartphone or PC.

Some 61% of interviewees also accessed content through a mobile handset more frequently than they did 12 months ago.

Within this, 42% participated in such a pastime at least once a week, and 22% did so on an "almost daily" basis, figures climbing from 11% and 7% respectively year-on-year.

Overall, 25% of the current audience consume this video at home, measured against 16% in 2010, a shift argued to reflect the influence of the iPad and other tablet PCs.

Another 27% undertook the same pursuit while on the move, compared with 16% generally filling time "in between activities."

Regarding the sources of content, 32% of those polled had obtained material from companies other than TV services or network provider, for example using YouTube, SeeSaw or LoveFilm.

However, 50% of the panel were unsure if their network boasted a dedicated video platform, a trend Quickplay predicted may soon change as marketing efforts intensify.

Price was a primary barrier to streaming television shows and films via a mobile for 57% of non-users, easily the highest score on this metric.

Elsewhere, 75% of the sample agreed uptake would improve if recording and playback features, as offered by DVRs, became available on wireless handsets.

Among the 12% of contributors who owned tablets, almost 60% have previously watched a TV show or full-length film, and 44% had observed over half an hour of "uninterrupted programming".

"iPads and tablet devices present a unique combination of portability and rich-media viewing capabilities, creating an impressive experience for watching TV programming and movies," said Wayne Purboo, president/ceo, QuickPlay Media.

"Our customers have been quick to expand their services to deliver mobile content to these devices and have seen a tremendous response from consumers, especially around major sporting events like the FIFA World Cup and 2010 Vancouver Olympics."

Data sourced from Quickplay Media; additional content by Warc staff