Trends were the main subject of emphasis for media agencies using Warc in the last 12 months, accounting for each of their top five pieces during this period.

Leading the list by some distance was Twelve Media Trends for 2012, a Warc Exclusive published early in the year. This paper highlighted the diverse uses of mobile, the growth of walled gardens and ecosystems, real-time bidding for advertising, the educational uses of digital services and guerrilla marketing.

The Warc Trends: 2012 Toolkit also proved popular. This guide to new ideas and best practice in marketing from around the world, based on analysis of key papers and case studies, will be updated in early 2013.

In third position was an Admap article, Ten Marketing Trends in 2012, which warned of the danger of media planning being usurped by experience planning. Integrated marketing is also gradually replacing an older, channel-centric model. Through all the changes taking place, however, content is likely to remain king.

The nature of some other changes ahead was outlined in the fourth placed article, Four tech trends - and what they mean for marketers. The rapid growth of connected gadgets, for example, means there will be opportunities to run campaigns through connected devices that do not belong to a brand, as well as from a brand's own packaging or in-store media property.

Those consumers most open to these developments often belong to Generation Y – namely, teens and young adults who are living online, whether streaming music and TV, or interacting with each other via social media and games. The fifth most-read article for media agencies, Ten Trends in Generation Y, outlines the implications of these ongoing shifts for marketers.

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Data sourced from Warc