Danbury, Connecticut or Coleman, Florida? These are the two federal prison camps chosen by disgraced media maven Martha Stewart for her upcoming incarceration -- the former favored for its proximity to her New England home.

Judge Miriam Goldman Cedarbaum on Tuesday graciously acceded to Stewart's preferred choices – although which calaboose will be honored with her presence is uncertain.

Both the Connecticut and Florida facilities are already stretched beyond their rated capacity but may make an exception for such a distinguished guest, although neither has been ruled out for Stewart's five-month stay

Says Dan Dunne of the federal Bureau of Prisons: "The bureau will make the appropriate designation based on the offender's particular situation." The media style-queen and business tycoon will check in on October 8 at 2pm.

According to her publicists, Stewart is happy that Judge Cedarbaum, sitting in special session in New York yesterday, has allowed her to begin serving her time early, thus enabling her to "reclaim my good life" and put the ordeal behind her.

It is also likely to enhance the currently flagging stock of her exploitation vehicle, Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia.

After serving her time, Stewart will spend five months of home confinement. However, she still plans to appeal against her conviction for lying to federal investigators about her reasons for selling in ImClone Systems in 2001.

Data sourced from New York Times; additional content by WARC staff