The Mazda Motor Corporation has unveiled a new scheme enabling Japanese customers to customize their intended purchases online.

The car firm’s Web tune Factory site lets consumers choose different types of engine, audio systems, interior finishings and other optional parts for two models – the Familia S-Wagon and the Roadster. Once ordered online, the purchase can be completed at any Mazda dealership and the customized car delivered in around four weeks.

“We are the first Japanese automaker to provide customers with this unique marketing approach,” boasted Mazda president Mark Fields, adding that the websites of rival manufacturers in Japan only featured cars already on offer at dealerships.

The number of cars involved is not massive, though. Fields forecast monthly online sales of 60 Roadsters and 50 S-Wagons, compared to national aggregated sales of the models of 500 and 1,500 respectively. The scheme may be extended beyond Japan in the future.

News source: Wall Street Journal