TV producer Mark Burnett has been hired by Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia – the exploitation vehicle of the eponymous media and business celebrity – to create a primetime TV series featuring the tycoon/good taste guru.

Burnett, best known as a specialist in the oxymoronic genre known as 'reality' television (notably Survivor) – will also act as consultant for a syndicated daily TV program planned by Stewart's company. His compensation for these chores, according to MSLO, will be a miserly $31.5 million (€25.61m; £17.5m) in company stock.

The Stewart-Burnet combo triggers intriguing speculation as to the outcome of their melded talents. Could it result in a series featuring convicted felons competing to produce the most chic cell? Or the tastiest calaboose canteen fare?

Stewart, who is still appealing her conviction, is due to check into her jail of choice on October 8 for a five month sojourn, after which she will serve a further five months under house arrest at her Connecticut home.

However, the terms of Stewart's home confinement are not unduly stringent. They allow her to work at MSLO for forty-eight hours each week – slightly above the US working average.

Cue the Rehabilitation Show?

Data sourced from New York Times; additional content by WARC staff