A new website – www.e4M.biz – has just been launched by The Marketing Council to demonstrate and encourage best practice on the web. Corporate sponsors backing the project include BT, Cisco Systems, ICI Paints, IBM, Royal Mail, J Sainsbury and Vodafone, along with the DTI, the government initiative UK Online, and Cranfield University.

The project took root in 1999 during discussions between The Marketing Society and the Chartered Institute of Marketing on the future of former. TMC chairman of the day, Stephen Callender, and director general, Mike Detsiny drew up a proposed future agenda for the Council at the top of which was this e-marketing project.

It is the UK's first non-commercial website, designed to guide senior corporate executives on the best practice and theory of e-marketing. Its goal, in line with the general aims of TMC, is to help UK business become the best in e-commerce by learning from the example of companies that have succeeded and/or failed, in their online ventures.

Following case-study interviews with over one hundred companies in the UK and abroad, the site brings together insights into how a strategic approach to e-marketing can reap substantial rewards and help businesses make the most of the internet channel.

Among the organisation profiled are American Airlines, the Automobile Association, Barclays Bank, DHL, Ford Motor Company, Tesco, J Sainbury, Lastminute, RS Components, Thomas Cook and Vauxhall Motors. Each case history outlines the company's e-marketing strategy including challenges that were overcome and future objectives. Wherever possible, each study includes definitive results of the company's e-marketing strategy.

Research for the site was undertaken by Birmingham University.

News source: Daily Research News Online; Marketing Council website