The marketing director of UK television network ITV is calling on bosses to double the broadcaster's promotional budget in the coming year.

Jim Hytner told UK trade publication Media Week that he wants some of the money allocated to programming to be diverted into marketing when the merger of the network's dominant shareholders, Granada and Carlton Communications is finally completed.

"Hopefully, the only way that ITV will change through the merger is the marketing budget should increase," he commented.

ITV has already declared it has no plans to raise its promotional outlay beyond the budgeted £12 million ($20.2m; €17.3m). However, Hytner insists it should be spending much more.

"My view has always been that a company of ITV’s standing should be investing £20m in marketing – minimum – a year. We've got to be able to spend between £20 and £25m," he continued.

Data sourced from: Media Week (UK); additional content by WARC staff