It's significant (if unsurprising) that the recession and its ramifications grabbed global marketers more than any other single subject during 2008 – or so the number of downloads from the site indicates.

Of the top ten articles (excluding news stories) accessed by WARC's advertiser-subscribers, five related to the recession in one aspect or another. Brand data, matters digital and consumer engagement were other frequently accessed topics.

These are the top ten articles ranked by the number of downloads ...

1. Different Approaches to Recession Advertising and Marketing

    2, How to Get Ahead in a Recession

    3. The Digital Media Market in 2008

    4. Taking the Brand's Temperature

    5. Are We Heading for an Advertising and Marketing Recession?

    6. Dutch Courage: Heineken's Brand Integration Challenge

    7. Cutting Adspend in a Recession Delays Recovery

    8. Winners and Losers of the Next UK Media Downturn

    9. Measures of Engagement

    10. The Anatomy of Social Networks

    Data sourced from World Advertising Research Center (