NEW YORK: Many marketers still do not believe they have the necessary procedures in place to prove the return on investment from communications.

Aprimo and the Argyle Executive Forum assessed the views of over 100 senior executives in order to establish what they considered to be the primary challenges currently facing the industry.

In response to the question of which aspect of marketing was currently “most broken”, 39% of the panel identified “correlating marketing activities to revenues” as the area that was in most urgent need of attention.

A further 27% afforded this status to a “lack of marketing channel integration”, and 10% thought there was a fundamental requirement to address the “perceived lack of value from marketing”.

Elsewhere, 37% of the sample suggested that successfully leveraging and tracking a variety of different channels simultaneously was one of the major obstacles they faced at present.

Similarly, 28% made reference to the problems of “doing more with less” and 18% argued that the drive for greater “accountability and measurement” did not always run according to plan.

More broadly, 11% of contributors said “being able to control messages in light of social media” was proving difficult, with 6% saying the same when it came to “keeping up with social media”.

In terms of their objectives for 2010, more than a third of participants were looking to “create more compelling customer/prospect experiences.”

Around a quarter were attempting to develop tools that could help them effectively measure the payback of their advertising and marketing, and 18% were placing a greater emphasis on digital.

Data sourced from AdWeek; additional content by Warc staff