BOCA RATON, FL: Brands and agencies are still struggling to identify the "right balance of risk and digital involvement", a study from Ipsos Connect suggests.

Sherrill Mane, SVP/Head of MAdTech Strategy for Ipsos Connect – a unit of the research firm which explores the intersection between marketing, advertising and technology (MadTech) – discussed this subject at The Market Research Event.

More specifically, she highlighted some headline findings from the organization's recent survey of 300 brand marketers and agency professionals – a poll supplemented by 22 thought-leader interviews.

"The right balance of risk and digital involvement is still not clear," said Mane. (For more details, read Warc's free-to-access report: Survey: Marketers, agencies remain uneasy with technology.)

Respondents featuring in the Ipsos analysis, she continued, could largely be defined in two ways: "For many companies, MAdTech demands 'revolutionary' change – changing fast to meet the demands of the new consumer is an existential need.

"More widespread is the 'evolutionary' effect, as all companies must adapt to meet the higher expectations of the modern, empowered consumer with greater speed, flexibility and efficiency."

As evidence of the disparity of opinion, the survey found that 89% of brand marketers believed enterprizes must evolve "in order to thrive", a sentiment 82% of their agency counterparts shared.

Fully 69% of interviewees from the agency-side, by contrast, concurred that "evolution is not fast enough for companies to thrive: change must be revolutionary", versus 66% of brand marketers.

Elsewhere, agency executives outscored clients when it came to expressing concerns about being too risk averse.

"There is still confusion on how fast digital media and advertising need to be. Though substantial numbers of advertisers and agencies agree that we are too risk averse, many also worry about too much digital 'Kool-Aid' and pushing the envelope too far," Mane said.

Data sourced from Warc