SYDNEY: Marketers in Australia and New Zealand are increasingly focused on owning the end-to-end customer experience for their brand, new research has shown.

The Economist Intelligence Unit and marketing automation company Marketo revealed that 86% of marketers globally believe they will own the entire customer experience path by 2020.

Technology will be the single biggest game changer for marketers in the next four years, with more than half of the survey's 500 respondents also citing the use of smartphones and new channels via the Internet of Things (IoT) as most likely to provide new marketing opportunities by 2020.

Though controlling more of the path to purchase is top of mind for brands globally, Australia and New Zealand's marketers show differing priorities from many other markets when it comes to channels, Digital Market Asia reported.

For example, more than three-quarters (77%) of Australian marketers consider email their number one channel compared to just 47% of their European counterparts.

In addition, social media is the lead channel in New Zealand and much of Asia, but ranks just third in Australia.

Marketers down under also seem to be bucking the trend of their international counterparts when it comes to views on acquisition.

Customer acquisition is more of a focus in Australia and New Zealand than the rest of the world – 53% for Australia and New Zealand versus 42% globally.

Australian and New Zealand marketers are also less focused on upskilling their marketing departments than other countries, or embracing new technologies in a fast-changing consumer landscape – an oversight which may leave them lagging.

When it comes to bringing new skills into their marketing departments, just 13% considered it a priority compared to 20% in other countries.

"The study hints that we are slower to adopt to some of these changes. Australia and New Zealand are both relatively small, yet lucrative markets. It makes sense to focus on building a strong bond with your existing customers to leverage greater value," said Greg Taylor, Marketo's managing director in Sydney.

"We need to move-on from a pure focus on acquisitions and embrace technology that will help build better brand relationships. This report should be a warning bell for the local industry."

Data sourced from Digital Market Asia; additional content by Warc staff