NEW YORK: Two-thirds of marketers intend to increase their spending on technology in 2015, a new survey has shown, with more than one in four planning to invest significantly more than in 2014.

Conductor, a web presence management firm, polled 182 marketing executives from clients and agencies, and found that 65% would boost their spend on technology, with 18% spending 26% to 50% more, and 10% spending over 50% more than last year.

Another 37% expected to be spending between 1% and 25% more, while 26% thought their level of investment would remain the same. Just 3% were going to spend less, Marketing Land reported.

Respondents were also asked about other marketing areas, including data, content research and cross-department support.

Three-quarters of those surveyed (76%) said data regarding digital performance had made more or much more of an impact on their decision making in the last 12 months. For 23% it had remained the same and only 1% said it had less impact.

"From content to SEO to social, data serves as the foundation for everything," Conductor noted. "It measures tactics, identifies opportunity and exposes trends."

Business-to-consumer marketers saw the role of content creation research in a different light to their peers in business-to-business (B2B) and agencies. Two-thirds of them (67%) felt this was important or very important, but that figure rose to 94% among agency executives and 89% among B2B marketers.

Organisations that still make content decisions based on gut feeling need to step back and re-evaluate, Conductor advised.

Content can play a vital role for complex B2B companies, according to Ted Dunning, chief applications architect at data business MapR. Speaking to CMO, he noted that customer engagement with digital content provided reliable data which could act as a guide to long-term success.

The final area Conductor considered was cross-department support, and 90% of the survey participants believed this was important or very important to a brand's digital marketing success.

Data sourced from Marketing Land, CMO; additional content by Warc staff