LEHI, UT: Eight in ten marketers say they are overworked and understaffed with almost all professing to be under stress to some extent, a new survey has found.

Workfront, a work management software provider, polled 526 marketing professionals using the MarketingProfs.com website for its Marketing and Stress report and found just 3% were not at all stressed while 25% described themselves as "overly stressed" or "stressed to the max".

And apart from the everyday hassle of being overworked and understaffed, more than half (55%) dreaded having to prove the value of their job to people who didn't understand what it is was that they did.

Other major irritants included juggling work to get it done during the week (51%), people who think they have great marketing ideas but don't (41%), constantly have to put out fires (36%) and stakeholder approvals (26%).

On the last point, more than one third of those surveyed (36%) said that late approval caused work to be late twice a week or more, while almost half (48%) experienced this a couple of times a month.

Despite all this, 84% said they did not regret choosing a career in marketing. "The enjoyable parts of the job tend to attract people that tend to like some of those stressful environments," according to Joe Staples, CMO at Workfront.

"There's an adrenaline rush that goes along with that," he told Advertising Week.

From the point of view of Workfront, it was interesting to see that more marketers reported getting work requests and updating their bosses during hallway conversations (18% and 12% respectively) than through work management software (14% and 3%).

"Although small, that number is growing rapidly," according to Staples, who described such chats – and even email, which accounted for 63% of work requests – as an "antiquated" way of passing information along.

Data sourced from Workfront, Advertising Week; additional content by Warc staff