LONDON: A majority of marketers in Europe, the Middle East and Africa are still not confident about determining the return on investment from their use of the web, a new survey has found.

Omniture, the software company, recently released its 2010 Online Analytics Benchmarks Survey, which was based on feedback from senior executives in these three regions.

It found that 81% of respondents believed that measuring the ROI from their activities on the web was important, but only 33% thought they were effectively doing so at present.

Similarly, 89% of industry specialists placed an emphasis on conversion rates, but 35% were not confident they were capturing all the relevant information.

Half of the panel also reported that they lacked the analytical tools to accurately assess the payback from their online marketing as a whole.

This trend of failing to secure all the necessary data applied both to more established advertising formats and to assessing the value of building and maintaining a presence on social media.

Some 64% of the sample were utilising properties such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube to connect with their target audience.

However, only 20% argued they were “very satisfied” about their ability to measure the results of this process.

A further 37% of marketers said they did not have access to services which could them help gain an in-depth insight into relevant brand conversations on these sites.

Just 21% of those polled included mobile in their current media mix, and only a fifth of this group agreed they were able to track consumer engagement levels on this channel.

For example, while 80% of contributors could determine how many visitors to corporate websites were drawn from the mobile internet, only 32% had a good idea about conversions linked to mobile apps.

Elsewhere, 40% of the sample were leveraging online video, but 83% took the view that their understanding of the impact of these executions among netizens was limited.

A majority of participants utilising this kind of rich media regarded “post-video conversion” as a vital metric, but 73% were unable to get a clear picture of their performance in this area.

Moreover, 44% of respondents did not even have systems in place which let them know how many people had started to watch a clip.

Overall, only 10% of marketers were using online advertising, social networks and mobile at one time, but this figure can be expected to rise going forward.

Data sourced from Omniture; additional content by Warc staff