"All concord's born of contraries," wrote English dramatist Ben Johnson. This maxim seems rather appropriate for market researchers, whose download history in 2008 shows the diverse skillset now required to generate the insights craved by clients.

The top download among this group was Evolution and revolution in qualitative research, which looks at the development of "postmodern marketing", and how the MR industry can adapt to this trend.

One way of doing so will be to respond to the increasingly global nature of the client-side, as argued in Managing global brands to meet consumer expectations and Global marketing research to support global marketing.

Similarly, The making of tomorrow's consumer assesses how Generation Y views brands, and in what ways this might change in the future.

However, the presence of articles on segmentation, advertising recall, marketing science and briefing creative agencies in the top ten show some time-honoured issues remain important.

By contrast, just two brands made this group among market researchers: German auto manufacturer Volkswagen and soft drinks giant Coca-Cola.

Data sourced from World Advertising Research Center (WARC.com)