Advertising expenditure in the UK totalled £3,779 million ($6,633.7m; €5,610.3m) in the third quarter of 2005 - a marginal year-on-year increase of 0.1%. But in real terms, a 2.3% decline after adjusting for inflation.

The latest Quarterly Survey of Advertising Expenditure, compiled by the World Advertising Research Center for the UK Advertising Association covers national and regional newspapers, consumer and business magazines, television, radio, outdoor, cinema, internet and direct mail.

The figures shown in the table below exclude expenditure on advertisement production, and on sponsorship and promotions, but include agency commission.

Media Sector Q3 2005 adspend

Q3 2005 vs Q3 2004
% change


£m, current prices

current prices constant prices [1]
National newspapers [2] 420 -6.2 -8.4
Regional newspapers 718 -7.0 -9.2
Consumer magazines [3] 194 0.4 -2.0
Total press 1,631 -4.8 -7.0
    - of which display 863 -2.3 -.4.6
    - of which classified 768 -7.4 -9.6
Television 958 3.3 0.8
Radio 129 -4.2 -6.4
Outdoor 222 4.0 1.6
Cinema 39 -2.9 -5.2
Internet [4] 266 50.0 46.5
Direct mail 535 -6.0 -8.2
Total measured adspend [5] 3,775 0.1 -2.3
[1] Constant figures are inflation-adjusted using the Consumer Prices Index.
[2] Includes supplements.
[3] Excludes supplements.
[4] WARC estimate
[5] Excludes directory advertising

Source: AA's Quarterly Survey of Advertising Expenditu

The slackening in consumer spending has seen advertising expenditure growth decelerate over the last six months. However, total advertising expenditure has risen by 2.9%, at current prices, over the twelve-month period ending September 2005.

In the third quarter of 2005 six of the ten media covered by the report registered year-on-year declines. The best performers were outdoor, which enjoyed a 4.0% increase at current prices, television, which enjoyed a 3.3% increase at current prices, and the internet.

The latter sector saw adspend increase by half when measured at current prices, according to WARC estimates, although actual results for the internet will not be available until the spring. For further information on the AA's Quarterly Survey of Advertising Expenditure click here

Data sourced from Advertising Association (UK); additional content by WARC