The flavor of the month web-wise is Superstitial!

Unicast, the New York-based developer of the Superstitial rich-media ad format, has signed a raft of certified partners to its bandwagon brand – including such major site operators as, Conde Nast's CondeNet,, Nickelodeon Online, Snowball Networks, Terra Lycos and Walt Disney Internet Group.

These and other sites are now touting ads in the Superstitial format – commercials that pop-up as surfers wait for pages to load. Some ads appear in the main browser window, others in new smaller windows.

The format allows free range to creativity, albeit with trade-offs. Ads can be pre-cached, others stream ad content as they run; some provide the facility to create ultra-rich ads, others opt for smaller, faster-loading content.

All these variables have scored well when measured both by click-through rates and brand recall.

Unicast is working with its partner sites on Superstitial sales training, as well as research and co-marketing initiatives.

News source: Advertising Age - International Daily