The decline in advertising revenues at the nation’s leading newspapers is not matched by circulation sales, according to the latest data from the Audit Bureau of Circulations.

In the half-yearly ABC report to March 31, USA Today retains its lead as top-selling daily paper, notching an average sales growth of 15,000 copies to 1.85 million daily. Additionally, the title sold an average of 435,696 copies daily via bulk sales, primarily to hotels.

Second in line is the Wall Street Journal with a daily circulation of some 1.82 million, adding 6,900 copies to daily sales recorded for the same period in 1999/2000. At number three is the New York Times, posting 0.9% growth to 1.16 million from about 1.15 million; Sunday circulation increased by around 7,000 copies to1.7m.

In fourth place, the Los Angeles Times fell by 4.8% to an average daily circulation of nearly 1.06 million from about 1.11 million a year earlier, compensated by an increase in Sunday circulation to about 1.39 million from 1.38 million.

The greatest rise was recorded by the San Francisco Chronicle which ousted the Dallas Morning News from the number ten slot with a circulation increase of 13.4% to 527,466.

News source: Wall Street Journal