Music network MTV today unveils a revamp of its website, as it seeks to integrate its on and offline content. now features instant messaging, as well as ‘community’ elements similar to those popular on song-swapping site Napster.

The overhaul is part of MTV’s 360 scheme, launched in March [WAMN: 26-Mar-01] and designed to co-ordinate online offerings with television broadcasts, allowing consumers to interact on the web as they watch.

“We’re experimenting with ways to give our viewers more control over how they access MTV,” declared Nicholas Butterworth, ceo of the network’s online division.

As part of the strategy, advertisers are offered TV spots and online ads in a single package. At the Video Music Awards, marketers can place ads on the two MTV cable channels as well as the web. “We are going out to our core advertisers with packages that...connect to the audience on three screens as opposed to one,” said MTV president Van Toffler.

News source: Financial Times