The trickle of clear blue water between, Microsoft’s web portal, and former top dog Yahoo! has grown to a torrent as the number of British visitors to the Microsoft site increases at the rate of 100,000 monthly while Yahoo! page traffic declines.

According to the latest figures from Jupiter MMXI, an ever-increasing number of Brits logged onto the internet from their homes during the last six months, up by one million surfers to 13.5m. According to Jupiter’s Mari Kim Coleman: “The UK internet population is maturing ... we are seeing how consumers are making more definitive choices of how they spend their time on the web.”

The research also highlights strong growth at child-focused sites such as and, while children aged between two [sic] and fourteen are the fastest growing category of surfer – up from 10.7% of the population last October to 15.2% in February.

UK Top Ten Domains and Viewer Numbers

1. - 5.5m

2. - 4.6m

3. Freeserve - 4.1m

4. Microsoft - 4m

5. - 3.6m

6. Passport - 3.4m

7. - 2.9m

8. - 2.6m

9. MSN messenger - 2.4m

10. AOL - 2.3m source: Jupiter MMXI

In the US, AOL Time Warner is the most visited website, with Microsoft sites in second place, and Yahoo! third.

News source: BBC Online Business News (UK)