Microsoft-owned web portal MSN is rolling out a $100 million global business-to-business push to increase blue chip investment in online ads.

The MSN Advantage Marketing campaign, which includes $30m of European spend, targets brand marketers and agencies to showcase new developments in internet marketing and promote the medium as an effective means of communication.

“There is a huge shortfall in the number of blue chip clients doing anything meaningful online,” said Matt Whittingham, MSN’s business marketing manager. “Over the past six months, we have been doing research to understand why blue chips are not advertising on the internet and we have found that there is a level of dissatisfaction with using the medium.”

The portal has established a creative task force to speed up the process and help clients act effectively. It has also founded Agency, Client and Customer Account groups, plus a Partner Loyalty Programme to provide clients with greater access to MSN top brass.

News source: Media Week (UK)