Microsoft's internet portal MSN has published a new report which concludes, not altogether surprisingly, that advertising needs to engage with consumers and must become more interactive and relevant if it is to succeed.

The Consumer in Control report highlights how brands must work harder to attract and persuade consumers, while marketers are forced to examine new methods of engagement and permission-based marketing.

Says Jupiter Media marketing and advertising analyst Julian Smith, who authored the report's foreword: "The days of relying on a 30-second TV ad spot to win hearts and minds are over."

As a result, avers Chris Dobson, vp of international ad sales for Microsoft online business group: "Advertisers must leverage the fragmentation of media and the explosion in digital devices to engage with consumers, as people worldwide continue to take control of their own media experiences."

MSN attracts more than 465 million users worldwide each month. Local versions of its site are available in 42 global markets and in 21 languages, making it one of the biggest providers of targeted online content.

Data sourced from Brand Republic (UK); additional content by WARC staff