A MEDIA MARRIAGE made in heaven? Or an explosive mis-match of mediocrity? Last month’s teaming of Talk Radio’s Kelvin MacKenzie with Chris Evans of Ginger Media Group (to bid for regional digital radio franchises) seems destined either to conquer the world or end-up as a cover version of the Lewis-Holyfield brawl. Also involved [as referee?] is US-owned Clear Channel International. Equity in the venture is equally divided between the three and initial focus is on the Greater London digital multiplex, for which the result will be declared in August. The trio is also targeting franchises in Central Scotland, North-east and North-west England, West Midlands and Severn Estuary. Said MacKenzie, carefully hyphenating words of five or more letters: ‘We have always seen digi-tal as the future of radio at both a national and local level.’ Chris Evans wisely left grown-up talk to Ginger Media’s chief executive David Campbell who declared the alliance would bring ‘new investors and diverse output’.