The UK’s largest retailer, Marks & Spencer, will this week double its online product range to 1,200 lines, with a further tranche added in the run-up to the key Christmas shopping period. Following positive customer feedback, M&S will also extend its mail order catalogues offering.

The moves, part of the chain’s multi-channel distribution strategy, aim to boost its e-commerce and mail order activities in tandem with the development of new marketing channels such as digital TV and – via its new joint venture with Talkcast – WAP technology.

M&S’ customers should be able to pick and mix their preferred channels in their relationship with the company, evangelises an M&S spoke. “We are looking to provide a seamless integration between our different channels. Customers may want to buy online but return goods to the store or see something in the catalogue but place their order online."

News source: Precision Marketing (UK)