Seventy-five per cent of the British public oppose pay-per-view television as a concept says a new report, Sensor, published yesterday by the media planning and buying agency CIA MediaLab.

In particular, the British dislike being asked to pay for top events, with 74% of cable and satellite customers and 75% of other viewers opposed. Despite this, however, pay-per-view soccer is apparently the most popular such event, although only 21% responded positively to matches priced between £5 and £10.

Next in p-p-v popularity are film premieres, followed by pop concerts and other sports events such as the Olympics, Wimbledon and Formula 1. Least popular are soap operas, award events and royal weddings.

Perhaps surprisingly, there is increased support among young people for the way in which the BBC is funded via a licence fee levied on all homes owning a TV set. Within the 15-25 age group, 40% said they would support an [unquantified] increase in the licence fee.

News Source: CampaignLive (UK)