IT’S ‘AS YOU WERE’ at the Mail on Sunday following a raft of complaints from financial advertisers that response had plummeted after the paper axed its separate home finance supplement in March. Instead, the financial pages were switched to the paper’s Review section with disastrous results for some advertisers. The MoS has now performed a smartish U-turn in the face of a volley of criticism and reinstated the supplement. One advertiser, Independent Mortgage Collection, claimed that response fell by 50% following the change. The MoS is down-playing the volume of complaints and the reason underlying the fall in response: ‘I did get a couple of complaints’, conceded MoS ad director Sally de la Bedoyere, ‘but both companies admitted the reduction in responses could be down to market conditions which had been slow following the phasing-out of PEPs’. Ms de la Bedoyere also stretched credulity by claiming that the axing of the supplement was only a short term measure: ‘If it had been a long term strategy, I would have been more concerned as people do like to see sections separately branded, especially the financial pages’, she cooed.