ANN ARBOR: Accessories brand Coach and jeweller Tiffany & Co are the luxury companies with the best digital operations, but high-end brands still generally underperform the rest of the US ecommerce sector, a report from ForeSee has suggested.

The digital analytics firm found that the two top luxury companies achieved a shopper satisfaction score of 80 out of 100, with department stores Saks Fifth Avenue and Nordstrom joint third, scoring 79 points. ForeSee ranked the companies on the basis of a survey conducted among 3,500 US visitors to luxury brand websites.

Overall, the luxury sector achieved an average satisfaction score of 77, slightly behind the 78-point average of the top 100 firms in the US e-retail sector. Amazon, the largest online retailer in the US, scored 88 in a similar survey conducted recently by ForeSee.

Larry Freed, president and CEO of the analytics firm, said: "Luxury retailers have some catching up to do with mainstream retailers in terms of measuring the customer experience across all channels and using that data and analysis to impact strategic, tactical, and operational decision making at the highest level."

In terms of platforms, visitors to luxury brand websites were found to be much more likely to use their smartphones than the all-sector average.

In all, 36% had employed mobile platforms for this purpose, compared to 25% of general shoppers.

ForeSee also advised luxury brands to improve both the merchandising of their goods on their websites, as well as the functionality of the sites themselves, in order to boost satisfaction scores for the future.

Data sourced from ForeSee; additional content by Warc staff