Lowe & Partners Worldwide, the ailing number three network within the equally wan Interpublic Group, is hoping to inject new life into its flagship London operation with the acquisition of independent creative hotshop DFGW (originally Duckworth, Finn, Grubb and Waters).

Founded fifteen years ago with a solar creative reputation, DGFW restructured last year, minus two of its founders, to relaunch under the now obligatory set of initials.

Given that DFGW is UK flavour of the month with General Motors for its successful work on the Chevrolet (formerly Daewoo) marque, it acquisition by Lowe could gain the latter Brownie Points with GM.

GM's UK brand Vauxhall Motors has of late developed the nasty habit of hiving-off parts of its Lowe business to another UK shop, Delaney Lund Knox Warren & Partners. A beefing-up of Lowe's creative offering might persuade GM to kick this distressing foible.

Talks between the two shops are currently in train, albeit at an early stage, led on the Lowe front by ceo Garry Lace and at DFGW by joint managing directors Tom Vick and Hugh Cameron and remaining founder-shareholders Michael Finn and Dave Waters.

Says Lowe president/ceo Tony Wright: "We have tremendous respect for the people at DFGW and their work, but can't comment on any specific discussions at this time."

Data sourced from BrandRepublic (UK); additional content by WARC staff