CHICAGO: As the advertising industry prepares for the upcoming 2014 Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity, a leading agency network has highlighted five trends that are influencing the creative business.

According to Leo Burnett Worldwide, these are also a guide to the likely winners in Cannes this year, and it put forward 25 contenders from ten countries.

The first trend is "an epic take on a classic ad format", as exemplified by Volvo Trucks' campaign featuring actor Jean-Claude van Damme doing the splits between two reversing vehicles. The classic ad format in this case being the product demo.

Next up is "technology with a purpose", reflecting the new award category of Branded Technology. More marketers are harnessing creativity to technology to solve problems, such as Nike's SB App which helps skateboarders record and document their progress.

"Don't think, feel" is the third trend, as brands devise experiential moments to build emotional relationships with consumers. Honda, for example, immersed Formula One fans with the recreation of the sound of a car driven by Ayrton Senna in 1989.

Bucking a more general trend towards brevity, Leo Burnett Worldwide suggested that "long-form and documentary style content" was gaining ground, whether that was Guinness exploring the world of Congo's Sapeurs or the New Zealand Transport Agency using an Oscar-nominated director to make an anti-drug driving message.

The final trend is "social potency". One of the year's best demonstrations of this was a campaign from ABTO, the Brazilian Association of Organ Transplant. Six Facebook posts from an eccentric billionaire ignited a conversation about organ donation that reached 172m people and boosted donations by 30%.

Data sourced from Leo Burnett Worldwide; additional content by Warc staff