Subscribers to Warc in Latin America were especially interested in articles relating to trends and planning, according to analysis of the site's most read material this year.

Warc's Toolkit 2014, produced with Deloitte, was the most popular article with the region's marketers in 2014. The Toolkit highlighted five key marketing challenges and offers the latest thinking, new research and real-life examples for ways to respond to these issues.

In second place was a piece on trends in Brand relationships in the world of smart technology, by Paul Kemp-Robertson of Contagious Communications. As brands are trusted more than governments, he argued, they have the potential to move into currency.

Third spot was taken by Six trends to look out for in 2014, from media agency Mindshare, which focused on media trends. This list included trends such as "wearable fundraising", smart bras, e-Government and ambient Bluetooth consumer messaging.

A report from the Cannes Lions was the fourth most-read item in this region. Is planning dead? Why planning must return to its roots summarised various views on the future of the agency-side planner, featuring views from effectiveness experts at MCCP, W+K and Publicis, among others.

Rounding out the top give was an article by Andy Nairn of Lucky Generals. In How automotive advertising works, he analysed IPA Effectiveness case studies for auto advertising to show that ads that target penetration, rather than loyalty, and that balance emotional cues with rational information, typically work best.

For more details about the most read papers on Warc in 2014 on other topics, visit our Most Read page.

Data sourced from Warc