Plans for major online political ad campaign in the run-up to Britain's general election - widely expected in May - are being rethought at the Labour Party’s London headquarters, according to an insider.

Party apparatchiks are said to have been infected by terminal cold feet after reading a study published last month by America’s E-Voter Institute. This revealed that Democrat candidate Gore’s internet ads actually reinforced Republicans’ intention to vote for George W Bush; likewise Dubya’s online intrusions pushed Democrats more firmly in the direction of Al.

The research, which tracked the online habits of 40,000 members of a free stateside ISP, showed that 60% of Democrats whose surfing was interrupted by pop-up advertisements for George W were stiffened in their resolve to vote for Gore. And vice versa.

But a Labour spoke denied the Millbank mole’s claim that its pre-election web campaign was on the verge of the chop: “"Labour is always looking at innovative ways of campaigning and we are ruling nothing out at this stage,” soothed the spinner.

News Source: CampaignLive (UK)