Not only does the governing Labour Party have a commanding lead in the polls, but it has also edged in front of chief opposition the Conservatives in the race to secure campaign poster sites before the UK general election on June 7.

Both parties are focusing on the final two weeks in May, and have sought to book as many poster sites still available as they can. While the Tories have managed to procure 750 96-sheet sites for £950,000, Labour has secured 3,000 48-sheet sites at a cost of £1.05 million.

Following this push, Labour has 3,000 sites in the first week of June, paying around £630,000, while the Conservatives are spending £875,000 on 2,500 sites for the first two weeks of the month, though they will try to get rid of bookings for the second week as the election will by then be over.

Commented Nigel Mansell, managing director of outdoor firm Concord: “Labour is a nose ahead. It has been a little more advanced in its movements and a little more deft in shifting its bookings. It will now have a greater share of the voice.”

However, the Tories have hit back at Labour taunts that they were “slow off the mark” by declaring: “We are quite happy that we will have enough posters and money to run an effective campaign. It is not about the most sites but having the best creative work.”

News Source: CampaignLive (UK)