SYDNEY: Electronics giant LG is making the most of free analytics tools in the Australian market, according to a senior marketer at the brand.

Angus Jones, General Manager Marketing at LG Electronics Australia, revealed at the ADMA Technology Town Hall in Sydney that LG's analytics program in Australia is largely built around free platforms and software.

"We use a whole bunch of free stuff," said Jones. "Excel. We use Google Analytics. We use Facebook tools. It's amazing what marketing you can do with zero dollars." (For more, including how LG is seeking to amplify positive sentiment around its products in the social space, read Warc's exclusive report: LG Electronics' analytics approach: Keep it simple.)

Jones advised brands against investing large amounts of money while in the early stages of building an analytics capability, particularly if budgets are tight.

"If you're starting off, you don't need to go out and invest thousands of dollars in software," he said. "Not everyone's going to be able to afford that straight off. If you're starting down this process, there are a huge number of tools you can use to do that."

LG is investing in paid social marketing, a decision based on the ability to target and quickly see results from campaigns. Understanding more about influencers is also on the agenda.

"We're able to do what we haven't been able to do before, as far as segmenting and getting instant results. I can do something on Facebook tonight and tell you tomorrow morning whether it was successful,” said Jones.

The approach allows LG to be more flexible and adjust tactics based on real time data.

"For a small amount of money, we can try something and see instantly whether or not we get a result, and therefore hone our target audiences like we've never been able to do before. Once again, the technology itself is making it easier for us to do that."

Data sourced from Warc