LONDON: L'Oréal, the cosmetics giant, is planning to heighten its use of digital media in the UK, with a particular emphasis on its luxury brands.

To date, the company has employed new media in a largely piecemeal way, but its luxury division is currently developing a more formalised strategy for this area of its operations.

Emma Dawson, communications director of L'Oréal's luxury products arm, said "so far we've undertaken various pieces of digital activity but a lot of it has been on an ad hoc basis."

"It hasn't always been as thought out as it could be, as part of the overall marketing strategy, but we realise it's the dawn of a new era and are keen to understand more."

A new fragrance from Diesel, to be launched later this year, and Touche Éclat, part of the Yves Saint Laurent stable, are among the offerings which will see an increase in support via this channel.

"Touche Éclat is an iconic product and a mainstay of the brand. It has an incredibly loyal following and we need to use these people as ambassadors and reward our existing customers," said Dawson.

While the owner of Lancôme and Garnier intends to include digital in all of its campaigns, it will adopt a nuanced approach, tailored to the specific requirements of the product in question.

"There will be a bespoke strategy for each of our products. We never approach things from a blanket point of view," Dawson continued.

Attracting new customers from different audience groups will be among the main objectives of these efforts, she added.

Data sourced from New Media Age; additional content by Warc staff