NEW YORK: L'Oréal, the beauty group, is taking a targeted approach to digital media in the US, and is prioritising services like Facebook and Twitter over newer alternatives such as Pinterest and Foursquare.

Speaking with Business Insider, Rachel Weiss, L'Oréal's vice president, digital strategy and marketing, reported that its social tactics differed for individual brands like Garnier, Kiehl's and Maybelline. (Warc subscribers can read more about approach to digital marketing here.)

"I think that there is experimentation going on across all different channels. We have some brands that are now focusing on playing around with Instagram, or Tumblr, or even Pinterest," she said.

"Most of our resources to this day, because they still have the most scale, are on Facebook," Weiss added. "Facebook definitely is a partner we have seen success with. Not from a commerce perspective, but Facebook is an area that we continue to experiment and grow."

Similarly, the organisation has created numerous videos providing product demonstrations and beauty tips for YouTube, and made considerable use of Twitter, the microblog.

"Twitter for me is still a channel of innovation. I think that Twitter is not going away. We have some brands like Maybelline who are focusing time on Twitter and what does that look like for the brands," said Weiss.

Turning to Pinterest, L'Oréal held talks with the content-sharing property in March, and has since pursued caution.

"We are waiting to see what Pinterest comes out [with] as a platform for brands," said Weiss. "We're experimenting. Pinterest for me is very, very new and I'm waiting to see what it looks like."

The company has adopted an equivalent strategy  concerning Foursquare, the mobile check-in service. Weiss argued this tool was "really interesting", but "too small" to make an impact at present.

"Foursquare is a platform we've been waiting for, as advertisers, to help us. Everything we have done has been through the entrepreneurial spirit of people within our brands, not from ideas coming from Foursquare," said Weiss.

Facebook Places, also offering check-in tools, is a major rival to Foursquare, although even here results have been rather mixed to date.

"We were very excited about Facebook Places and Facebook check-in," said Weiss. "We haven't seen what programmes can look like for us to actually optimise on that behavior ... We're not seeing those platforms sell to us in a way that's meaningful."

Elsewhere, Google is a "preferred partner" for L'Oréal because of its strength in search. It has not, however, embraced Google+, the firm's social network. "We have not seen the success of it," said Weiss.

Data sourced from Business Insider; additional content by Warc staff