BOCA RATON, FL: Kimberly-Clark, the personal care group, believes brands should "own" certain core elements of the programmatic advertising process if they are to derive the maximum benefits from this activity.

Mark Kaline, the firm's global director/media, licensing and consumer services, discussed this issue while speaking at the Association of National Advertisers' 2014 Media Leadership Conference.

"One of our priorities – and there's no simpler way to say this – is that owning the data is very important," he said. (For more, including the main benefits of programmatic for brands, read Warc's exclusive report: Why (and how) programmatic works at Kimberly-Clark.)

The primary advantage of such a model for the company, he continued, is that it is not reduced to simply watching ads appear, but can draw on the resultant information to, for example, tweak campaigns and messages.

"We're able to see our clients not just run [ads], but actually learn as they go," said Kaline. "You can see the cost-per-action dropping as the buy runs."

But the "KC-owned solution" to programmatic buying extends beyond the hard numbers to various other, more technical, pieces of the puzzle.

"We own the relationship with the demand-side platform, we own the data and we see everything. It's fully transparent," Kaline said.

As such, while Kimberly-Clark works on its programmatic efforts with media agency Mindshare, it retains control of several essential aspects of the process.

Given the anticipated growth in the programmatic space over the coming years, it is likely many other brand owners will soon by grappling with the same issues.

According to Magna Global, the media unit of Interpublic Group, the market for the programmatic buying of display ads attained a value of $7.5bn in America last year, some 62% of the worldwide total.

The dollar figure is set to reach $17.5bn in the US by 2017, approximately 53% of revenues globally, as other nations – most of which are currently less mature in this area – begin to witness rapid growth.

Data sourced from Warc