The European Parliament Committee on Citizens' Freedoms and Rights, Justice and Home Affairs voted Monday evening in favour of the so-called ‘national choice’ amendment which gives each member state the right to choose between opt-out and opt-in for unsolicited e-mailings.

The decision, which rejects opt-in as the only solution for e-mailings, will revise the EU Directive on Electronic Communication and Data Privacy.

It was welcomed by FEDMA (Federation of European Direct Marketing Associations): “Yesterday' s vote shows the Committee's commitment to work for a viable solution for unsolicited e-mailings,” said FEDMA director of government affairs Axel Tandberg.

“Throughout this debate FEDMA has upheld the view that opt-in will not kill spam, and that only opt-out gives the direct marketing and e-commerce industry an optimal basis for development.”

Tandberg continued: “The vote for the ‘national choice’ amendment corresponds to the policy of the e-Commerce Directive and indicates the European Parliament's willingness to create a favourable environment for the electronic Internal Market.”

The final Parliamentary vote for the revision of the directive is scheduled for Parliament’s next plenary in the third week of November.

News source: FEDMA