Online research firm Jupiter Media Metrix has unveiled what it confidently describes as “the most comprehensive and accurate media planning tool to provide advertising agencies, advertisers and media sellers with the highest level of data insight to identify and target online audiences.”

Audience insite Measures, says Jupiter, is the only such tool to offer data on US online behaviour via PCs combined with in-depth qualitative consumer information (featuring over 1,400 “qualitative data points”). It is the only service not to use secondary (mostly consumer recall) data.

The tool is designed to allow advertisers and agencies to target websites on the basis of such factors as audience make-up, offline media consumption and internet buying behaviour, while also using figures for unique visitors and reach. In addition, it allows websites to produce audience profiles in order to sell ad space.

“AiM enables marketers to pinpoint and segment their audiences across all online media,” declared Will Hodgman, president of Jupiter’s Measurement Group. “This enables companies to conduct more efficient and effective campaigns and achieve greater return on investment.”

Data sourced from: Daily Research News Online; Jupiter Media Metrix; additional content by WARC staff